I have many handles, but you can call me "LT" which relates to my government quite directly. Of handles completely unrelated to my government (name), "syreal" is the oldest and most frequent for me. I would love to tell the story of this handle sometime soon, but for the moment, I will save that for another day.

Truly, I believe that a name (or a handle) captures some part of who we are or what we do. In your journey of understanding computing and security, a new name or handle is not necessary, but self-reflection is... self-reflection deep enough to rename yourself! If you succeed in mastering computing and defending computer networks, how will you use these skills? Can anyone mentor you? Do you have any peers to encourage you on this long path? Who can you show off to?

I started learning computing by creating video games. I eased into this slowly, but not really methodically. At first, my dad -- a computer programmer and my initial inspiration for learning more about programming -- helped me along the way by teaching me how to search for answers to programming questions in documentation, online communities and The Oracle (Google). I made many games in this time in my life, from Galaga clones to 2D platformers. I learned so much, but in retrospect, I chased "greatness" in my heart. I never received much feedback online from games I made, but my parents and friends were greatly encouraging. This is why I continued, though the online community that helped me grow and learn in this realm was pretty silent except on a couple occasions.

I intend Syreal Studios to be a place of online community, encouragement, knowledge, growth and celebration! I don't know how all of this will come about, and I hope this place stays small. I hope that many will learn from what is posted here, but that a few will be planted and grow in this time of international pandemic and find a connection with like-minded individuals that may not otherwise be possible.

Much love,